Survey: Obama To Visit Hiroshima. Good Idea?


President Obama is planning a trip to Japan later this month and will be the first president in office to visit the site of the first atomic bomb attack in history.

The visit reminds all of us the troubled past of this world and the role America took.

World War II seems so far away but for the people of Japan, the site of Hiroshima is a constant reminder of the tragedy–much like ground zero in New York.

Obama has done a lot of things wrong as president, but this is something that needs to happen.

Hopefully this gesture will go to strengthen our ties with the Japanese people and remind us the devastation behind nuclear weapons.

The White House has made an announcement that Obama won’t apologize on America’s behalf during the visit.

Obama will be in Japan for a Group of 7 economic summit at the end of May.

The visit will surely garner international attention and it is curious how the world will interpret the visit.

What do you think?

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