Survey: Did You Talk Politics At Thanksgiving?


We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, but we want to know if you and your family discussed politics at the table?

This political season saw one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in American History. It came down to the wire with a shocking result.

The protests in the major cities prove there are a lot of people that don’t accept Donald Trump as their president.

Trump fans have been beaten, minorities bullied and Facebook friends have been sacrificed in the time since the election. Protests and arguments are rampant and people are throwing words like racist or white supremacists around way too easily.

Hopefully many Americans were able to put politics to the side and have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Were you able to have a nice meal or did it turn into world war three?

We want to know about your Thanksgiving holiday.

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Tell us how it went in the comments below. We would love to hear your stories.