Subway’s Jared Caught On Tape. FBI Watched

The child pornography case of Subway’s former spokesman, Jared Fogle, has now taken another disturbing twist.

In August, the news and Internet were plastered with images of the Subway celebrity walking out of his home and being charged with pedophilia and child pornography.

Fogle pleaded guilty to having sex with two individuals– but there were a lot more. The plea deal he signed will keep him in prison for the next 5 to 12.5 years and he is forced to pay $1.4 million to the victims’ families.

That is the part of the story we have known for some time. Now we are learning that former journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond befriended Fogle with the intent to record his conversations in order to expose what she thought was happening.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that her worst thoughts were true. Jared enjoyed being with young boys and girls sexually. He even traveled internationally to feed his sick desires. Often visiting Thailand.

The recent release of the recordings span over 5 years as Rochelle worked with the FBI to collect evidence to use against Jared. During that time, Rochelle recorded every conversation– and Fogle got more and more brazen as the years went by.

The recordings are shocking and horrifying. Almost equally as disturbing is the fact that the FBI did nothing for years, despite a large amount of evidence against Fogle.

The tapes were solid proof that Jared was committing crimes and was very disturbed. So why did it take over 5 years to arrest him?

Rochelle asked the same question to the FBI and they told her it took time to build a case. In the meantime, there were potentially another 12 children abused while the FBI was building the case.

This is a sick story, and Jared should spend many decades in jail, but what about the kids that were abused while the FBI was building its case for five years!? When does the FBI have the moral responsibility to stop a crime in progress even if it hampers the overall case? Apparently that didn’t happen this time, but the good news is that Jared is finally in jail– and will be for at least 5 years.

Thankfully people like Rochelle are willing to put themselves in danger to try and stop evil in this world. It just should not have taken so long.