Steele Dossier: The Biggest Fumble In Politics Became Its Most Successful Play

Hillary And Donald
They were BOTH caught by surprise!

Before Senator John McCain handed the infamous Steele Dossier to then-FBI Director James Comey, a whirlwind of activity occurred by deep-seeded establishment organizations that played out the scenario like a 3D version of chess played in the dark.

Setting the groundwork for you, the Steele dossier is a 17 memo investigation written by Christopher Steele, who is a former British Intelligence official (MI6) who worked the Russia Desk.

Steele, of course didn’t compile the document for fun.  He was contracted by a democratic political opposition research firm named Fusion GPS.

Within the document are wild allegations of misconduct by Donald Trump that the media gloats at repeating.  These are the allegations of “golden showers” with prostitutes in a suite used by Obama at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow.

None of the alleged “kompromat” or materiel that could be used to Blackmail Trump has been proven . . . and note that Stormy Daniels was never mentioned in the Steele Dossier.

The dossier established credibility with readers by leading with obvious truths about Russian meddling in American affairs.  This includes Putin’s goal of spreading “discord and disunity” in the United States by supporting divisive and anti-establishment candidates.

Anyone who has ever watched RT Television (a Russian government news channel), knew that years ago.  RT promotes and gives voice to American politicians who buck the status quo including Ron Paul.

To lock in support for the dossier among democrats, Steele added a section about the DNC email hacks and alleged Russian involvement.

The document was a masterful executed piece of political warfare designed to gain backers among the political elite while providing enough juicy sensation to make it go viral online and within the media.

It was all by design.

How the Steele dossier made it to the public light is an even more impressive display of political strategy.

The funder of the dossier, Fusion GPS, was ironically originally contracted with a neoconservative political site, the Washington Free Beacon, to dig up dirt on Trump.  The neocon publication is backed by billionaire hedge fund manager, Paul Singer, who backed Senator Marco Rubio for president in 2016.

After Trump won the presidential nomination, the Washington Free Beacon, ended its contract with Fusion GPS, that was then picked up by the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC funded the investigation until Trump was elected in November.

But the DNC and the Hillary Campaign never used the dossier.  While it could have been a fun “October Surprise” the overconfident candidate never felt the necessity to release the disparaging memos.

That’s when Fusion GPS went rogue and its founder, Glenn Simpson, continued funding for Steele’s investigation then arranged for its release to intelligence and law enforcement agencies . . . via at least Senator John McCain.

The media initially shied away from publishing the investigation which was eventually leaked by Buzzfeed.

That’s when the Deep State coordinated with the establishment media jumped in to do its thing to bring credibility to the investigation.  Former NSA, CIA, other intelligence officers with experts and politicians lent their credibility to the Steele Dossier by giving smart sounding quotes regarding the validity of the allegations.

Susan Hennessey, a former NSA attorney said, “My general take is that the intelligence community and law enforcement seem to be taking these claims seriously.  That itself is highly significant.”

British reporter Julian Borger explained, “Steele’s reports are being taken seriously after lengthy scrutiny by federal and congressional investigators.”

Senior democrat of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, stated, “little of that dossier has either been proven or conversely, disproven.”

The statements, which are all carefully crafted to give the author distance from the veracity of the document, while still backing it, gave the mainstream media license to publish . . . and it gave law enforcement and Congressional investigators the coverage they needed to publicly pursue the allegations.

The result?

The rolling Mueller investigation that will likely top the cost of the $47 million Iran-Contra Investigation while undermining President Trump both domestically and abroad.

So far, Mueller has indicted 22 people based upon the greasy spark created by Steele and Fusion GPS.

We can expect far more indictments as Mueller and his taxpayer funded team inch closer to Donald Trump.

Mueller and the Russian investigation aside, the success of the Steele Dossier will guarantee copycats for years to come as well-funded candidates now have the blueprint on how to create and rollout explosive “investigations” that make a massive, lingering impact.

While Hillary Clinton’s failure to release the investigation may now be seen as the biggest fumble in political history, to her credit, she didn’t use it for her political gain, albeit unlikely on moral grounds.

Her fumble was then picked up by the Deep State and they are bashing their way to the end zone with few defenders in their way.

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Shane Cory is the Editor of Liberty News Now. Shane is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in politics, publishing and marketing for more than 20 years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee, Project Veritas and is the co-Founder of Liberty Guard.