State Legislators Finally Fight Back Against Culture War

Culture War

Proponents of gay marriage and most of the LGBTQ community have failed to look at the core of their arguments for well over a decade. The result is, that instead of looking for equal treatment, they now demand preferential treatment.

Transgender bathrooms; demands for services that are not normally available and forcing business owners to do things outside of their comfort zone – that’s the new gay way.

But in Virginia, state legislators have had enough.

On Tuesday, the House of Delegates passed a bill that protects individuals and businesses that refuse service or tell people they don’t like to “get lost.”

Across the nation, a war dubbed the “Cake Wars” has lit up where bakers and photographers refuse service to gay couples getting married. Many businesses have lost their fight and several have shut down.

The position of the LGBTQ community is that they should not be discriminated against, but their argument is the equivalent of saying that a 12 year old lawn boy should be forced to mow the lawn of the town pedophile who peers at him through the window in his tightly-whiteys.

Business owners and individuals should be free to refuse business or associate with anyone.

That’s the free market.

Yes, even if it pertains to race.

The community has the power to respond be refusing to give business to owners who have bigoted or unnatural views of others.

The Virginia bill must still pass the State Senate and be signed by Democratic Clintonista, Governor Terry McAuliffe.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.