State Employee To Lose Job Over Anti-Muslim Rant?

Internet Rage
Take a deep breath, and count to 10 - in this day and age, a rant could get you fired!

Hate filled comments posted by a city employee in New York against a Muslim teenager on Facebook, has cost him to be suspended and may even cost him his job.

Yamin Zohny, a 17-year-old Muslim and an honor student at the Lindenhurst High School was praised in a video posted on Facebook. However, things took a bad turn, when Andy Vita, posted comments criticizing Zohny of the traditional head scarf that she was wearing in the video.

“F**k you take it to f******* trash bag off your f***** head,” and the second read, “F**k this mutt,” read one of the comment(s).

Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer was fast to condemn Vita’s action. “This is one really sick person that needs to be held accountable for his actions,” Rich Schaeffer told CBS New York. “There is going to be consequences to what you say. People have to realize when you’re posting something on Facebook of social media, it’s like putting it on a billboard on the LIE.”

“Mandated to apologize in-person to this impressive young woman and go through sensitivity training so that we can determine the cause of the hate-driven anger he displayed in his posting,” he added.

“Vita — an equipment operator — now has no comment, and there was no response at his home or from his union. He’s been suspended for a month without pay, and the town is seeking his termination for conduct unbecoming of a public employee. If he remains he will be sent to sensitivity training,” CBS reported.

Zohny, on the other hand, has been offered a paid internship with the city, before she heads off to The University of Texas at Austin for college.

She had expressed that Vita’s remarks helped her become an even better person.  “We can’t all save the world obviously, but we can help it, even the people who have not been kind to me have taught me something I’m going to take with me,” she stated.