Special Prosecutor Called To Investigate Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin
Will Hillary be able to save her?

Huma Abedin, vice chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for President of the United States was revealed to have emailed classified information to her then-husband Anthony Weiner.

On Thursday, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was reported to have called for a prosecutor to look into whether Hillary Clinton’s staff had broken the law, when she had forwarded emails containing classified material to her former spouse Anthony Weiner.

“If there was classified information and it was improperly passed to a person unauthorized to receive it, yes, naturally it’s a crime,” Blumenthal said. He added, “Without knowing what the intentions were and so forth, there is potentially a prosecutable crime.”

Upon being asked as to whether Abedin had committed a crime, Blumenthal responded, “It still may be, potentially. It’s not outside the statute of limitations, so far as I know. It’s one that the Department of Justice is going to have to decide. The question is: who will decide it? That’s why we need a special prosecutor to review all of this investigative material.”

FBI Director James Comey, in his testimony on Wednesday, was said to have revealed that Abedin had forwarded emails from the Democratic presidential to her husband on daily basis. “His then-spouse Huma Abedin appears to have a regular practice of forwarding emails to him for him, I think, to print out for her so she could then deliver them to the secretary of state,” he said.

When asked if whether Abedin or Weiner would be charged for the misuse of classified information, Comey stated, “there was, we completed it … because with respect with Ms. Abedin in particular, we didn’t have any indication that she had any sense that what she was doing was in violation of the law. We couldn’t prove any intent.”


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