Socialist Sweetheart Ocasio-Cortez Holds Class and Counsel for Dems

She's bold for a noobie!

Just a few years ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who goes by AOC, was a waitress in a New York restaurant while bartending on the side in Manhattan.

Today, the 29-year-old is one of the fastest rising stars of the left.

Graduating from waitress to member of Congress, AOC has also become a twitter sensation, increasing her followers within the past year and a half from 300 to a staggering 2.45 million.

While AOC is not the most popular member of Congress on social media, Cory Booker has 4 million followers, she rivals Trump in terms of engagement on Twitter.

The reason for her success?

Like a good millennial and social justice warrior, AOC mocks and ridicules anyone or any group who does not share her views.

Here’s a perfect example:

And now, she’s teaching her social media skills to fellow Democrats:

But before getting the chance to become too cozy with the Democratic establishment, AOC dished on the horrible work ethic of Democratic members and their total lack of commitment to their jobs – instead she says most of them are too busy fundraising to work more than five hours per week:

While that’s not surprising, it is shocking coming directly from a sitting member of Congress.

Expect Nancy to have a sit down with AOC soon and explain the rules of the road to her.

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