Sick Of Republicans And Democrats? Watch The Debate Tonight!


John Stossel, the libertarian host on the Fox Business Network, has set up his own two-hour debate among the leading candidates of the Libertarian Party.

Don’t know who those candidates are? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The three candidates that will appear tonight at 9 Eastern are former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, former producer for Fox News, Austin Petersen, and anti-virus creator, John McAfee.

Gary, the pot-smoking, mountain climbing Republican turned Libertarian was the party’s nominee in 2012.

Austin Petersen is just over the line for qualifying to be president since he turned 35 this year. Petersen has been an activist and worked for the Libertarian Party before joining Judge Napolitano as his producer on Fox.

As for John McAfee, he was the creator of McAfee anti-virus software that he sold to live a life of relaxation in Belize. That didn’t turn out as planned as he was accused of murdering his neighbor and had to flee the country. Now cleared of legal issues, McAfee has turned to politics. McAfee first tried to run under the banner of the “Cyber Party” which didn’t work out so well as they’re not a real party, so he switch over to the Libertarian Party to take advantage of their access to the ballot.

There are at least 15 candidates seeking the presidential nomination from the Libertarian Party.

Most of those candidates are straight up nuts. One, Derrick Michael Reid, features a photo of himself on his campaign website dressed in some weird, fabricated uniform.

Another candidate, Darryl Perry, refused to file his candidacy with the FEC and, to avoid doing so, only accepts donations of “crypto-currency.”

Stossel, understanding that third-party candidates rarely get any attention, was kind enough to host the debate on his show . . . but given the candidates, it’s sure to be entertaining.

If you choose to watch, take a guess of which candidate bragged of getting “pyramid piles of p**sy” during a recent radio interview.