Shock Video – Girls Go Wild On Airplane

Two ladies were rocking out with their boom box and minding their own business when neighbors asked them to turn down the music. The request wasn’t too out of line, considering they were all on a plane.

The two women decided that they didn’t care and turn up the music. Even waived the boom box in the air as an act of defiance. They asked, “What are you going to do?” to one of the annoyed passengers.

Tight spaces, tight security, bad peanuts and the rude behavior caused three other women, coincidentally in very tight pants, to lose it.

While the plane was pulling up to the LAX gate from the long flight from Baltimore, which is when the punches started being thrown.

The five women went at it. Throwing hail Marys, pulling hair and screaming at each other was the best way they all decided to resolve their problems.

The fight attendants were able to pull them off of each other before anyone got seriously hurt.

Local authorities and the FBI were waiting for the future MMA fighters at the gate and decided to have a little chat. All parties were released and as of this publication, nobody was charged.

The video of the fight is going viral so even though they just arrived in LA, the home of Hollywood, they are enjoying their fifteen minutes of Internet fame.

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