Shock Video: Customer Lights Up Fireworks Display In Walmart


Yup you read that right! Some geniuses decided to go into a Walmart and start their Fourth of July celebration early.

Two idiot pranksters were dumb enough to think it was a good idea to go into a Phoenix Arizona Walmart and stat a chain reaction by lighting some of the fireworks display on fire.

The display was quickly engulfed in flames and sparkles was captured on video by another Walmart customer.

The fire was started by local morons who thought it would be funny to risk the lives of innocent people and destroy private property.

The store was evacuated before any was hurt, and local fire and rescue was able to put out the fire before it spread around the giant store.

The two dumb-as rocks-pranksters were identified by the security system and arrested. The idiots could face up to 20 years for a class two felony.

It is a pretty fun video to watch, but scary to think that there are actually people who share the same air we do who think it is a good idea to light fireworks while they are still in a store.

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