Secret Police To Form In States


If you live in Virginia, the next time you get pulled over, instead of being written up by Officer Smith, you may face a code-named cop like “Maverick,” “Hawk,” or “Major Laser” who decides to fine you.

The Virginia State Assembly is considering a bill already passed by the Senate that will classify the names of police officers in the state.

Legislators pushing the move cite increased tension between the law enforcement community and the public, resulting in the need to classify the names of officers for further public safety.

Critics of the bill say that it goes against the principles of community policing which puts officers on the front lines in a positive manner. Advocates of community policing such as Spotsylvania Sheriff Roger Harris put a vast amount of time and resources into gaining the public’s trust and shifting the dynamic of “fearing” the police to seeing them as a positive resource in the community.

The move is sure to decrease trust in confidence among the public.

Other cops around the nation are doing the opposite such as Louisiana’s Capt. Clay Higgins who has become known as the “Cajun John Wayne.”

Higgins regularly posts to YouTube, calling out thugs and even telling them where they can meet him.

The increased exposure for Higgins has resulted in the public coming forward to help with locating fugitives and making the community safe.

There’s not doubt that Higgins is placing his safety on the line, but that’s what he signed up for and there’s no doubt this guy is down for a fight.

As for Virginia’s officers, if they want hide behind code names and badge numbers, the move will not only will be seen as cowardly, but will also further reduce the faith and confidence the community has in their efforts.

If they are not doing anything wrong, what’s there to hide?

Watch Higgins and action and Comment below.