Scandal: Rep Candidate Has Adult-Rated Social Media History

Perv Alert
You'd think people like this would have the basic decency to NOT run for office... guess not!

Shak Hill, a Virginia resident who recently announced that he would challenge the Republican representative Barbara Comstock, had his Twitter account reviewed, and is apparently a self-admitted, “hardcore porn” enthusiast.

Hill is running as a “conservative” in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, and failed to adequately scrub his social media before making his electoral ambitions known.

Hill was linked to numerous Tweets and Facebook likes related to porn websites, including sites where orgies are organized, and places that sell, “male enhancement.”

The tweet consisted of a picture depicting a woman involved in sexual activities, on a pile of money, in front of spectators.

Another one of these accounts is the one of Canadian porn star Khloe Terae, whose @Khloe twitter account posts regular pictures of her wearing no or little clothing.

Hill responded to these revelations, some going as far back as 2015 by claiming that the accusations of misconduct were, “Completely ridiculous” and blamed campaign staffers for his social media scandal.

He said, “This is completely ridiculous—at a time when people are losing their health care, our nation is divided, and Washington has stopped listening to the people, the last thing people want to talk about is some previous staffer’s social media tweet mistakes,”

Further he added that he has corrected the situation and has unfollowed the raunchy and adult-themed accounts and, “unliked” their content.

Hill responded to the Free Beacon report on his website by saying it was a “false story” that came from a “3rd rate reporter at a 4th rate newspaper.”

A national Republican strategist said, “Shak Hill actively engaging in this type of racist smut is an indictment on both his character and on his quixotic campaign, Hill may want to think twice about continuing his run for office before he causes himself and his family further embarrassment.”

Hill follows 2,578 accounts on his Twitter, which makes it very unlikely that any sort of automatic mix up could be a reason for the pornographic content. He has liked 540 tweets.

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