Say The Wrong Thing And You Could Get A Fine And 30 Days In Jail

The 'Potty-mouth Police' bust another notorious criminal...

Myrtle Beach is trying to clean up the city and it is starting with dirty mouths.

South Carolina’s most popular beach is getting serious about profane language. The use of the wrong words could land you in jail for 30 days and/or a $500 fine.

The city’s is restricting any language that is abusive and that could start a violent conflict.

Myrtle Beach Spokesperson, Mark Kruea explained the rule to local news station, WPDE.

“If you utter what is essentially fighting words, words designed to provoke a violent reaction from someone else, that’s where you’ll run afoul with this ordinance,”

Kruea went on to explain that the law isn’t about making money, despite the hefty fine. Instead he insisted it is about making sure that arguments don’t escalate to violence.

Local news outlet, Sun News, discovered that the city issued nearly 300 tickets in 2017 to people using bad language. In the Sun News report, the average fine was $77 and well below the $500 cap.

The city’s efforts come on the heels of a few violent events that got national attention. Just last summer seven people were injure in a shooting that was broadcasted live on Facebook.

See the video below.

The move isn’t an attempt to silence freedom of speech, but a law that deals with respect. Bryan Murphy issued a statement on behalf off the Myrtle Beach Police Department:

A person would violate Ordinance 14-61 (b) 1 if he/she uses a language likely to provoke a violent reaction from another person. The ordinance lists several examples of the types of words, which are unlawful. The penalty for conviction could include a fine and/or jail time. We encourage everyone to avoid violating this ordinance by speaking to others with the same respect and kindness he or she deserves.

What are your thoughts about the fine for using language that incites violence? Let us know in the comments below.

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