Saturday Night Live Flops With Another Trump Attack

Last Saturday, the leftoid media elite took yet another opportunity to ridicule the President by bringing Stormy Daniels on Saturday Night Live.

Of course, nobody watches SNL anymore. (Unless they were to unintentionally flip the channel to NBC and then somehow lose their TV remote under the couch, of course.) But that hasn’t stopped the liberals who populate the SNL writers’ room from doubling down on their criticism of Trump in order to stay relevant in our increasingly politicized society.

Remember when SNL stuck to bits like “Toonces the Driving Cat”, or Mike Myers’ awful Scottish accent?

Me neither. Those days seem very far in the past now. The SNL of today isn’t a comedy program anymore; it’s a mouthpiece for the propaganda of the political left.

Saturday Night Live was a politicized cesspit even before the results came rolling in on election night 2016. But their combination of stupefied liberal tears and bitter, anti-Trump insult comedy has managed to revive SNL’s brand among liberal hacks.

But the show has been on a steady decline since 1992. And given that bitter liberals are only a small minority of the American TV-viewing public, their momentary interest in Saturday Night Live probably won’t be enough to ensure its long-term survival.

None of that matters in the short term, though. SNL has become one of the main platforms for Trump’s political opponents to lampoon and mock him. (This despite the fact that he was invited to host the show in late 2015! Of course that was back when everybody thought his candidacy was a joke.)

And now they’ve upped the ante by bringing on Stormy Daniels to the program. Her acting was about what you’d expect from a porn-star. In one line, she tells Alec Baldwin’s caricature of the President “I work in adult films. We’re not really known for our acting.” (The SNL writers do deserve some credit for that one; even I chuckled.)

But of course, Stormy Daniels is known for her acting. She’s known for the act that she’s even now putting on. She is playing the role of a serious “business-woman” who has been scorned by a dishonest lover, seeking to put things right and tell her story to the world.

The truth of the matter is that, like most people involved in “adult films”, she needs a spotlight to make a profit. Stormy needs to stay in the news, because her media relevancy is the only money-maker she has left. She’s pushing 40 and still working in an industry where the average expiration date for a performer hovers around 22.

In order to keep driving people to watch (and buy) her “adult films”, Stormy has to stay in the news. And, of course, if she wins her numerous lawsuits again the President and his lawyer Michael Cohen, she probably stands to make a good bit of money in “damages” as well.

The more Stormy can inundate the public with her side of the story, the more likely she is to win her lawsuits. (Or at least win a settlement when her story becomes too damaging to ignore.)

Going on SNL, then, is a pure money-maker for Stormy. And SNL benefits too, because the spectacle of hosting the sitting president’s alleged former mistress is definitely going to attract attention. I mean, it attracted my attention, and I’d rather watch paint dry than sit through a whole episode of Saturday Night Live.

Being able to point to the currently relevant Stormy Daniels and say “Look, look! We’re topical! We’re contributing to journalism! We’re informing the public! We’re hash-tag resisting!” is very valuable for SNL because it makes them a part of the Trump-driven news cycle.

And Stormy is clearly all too willing to make a spectacle of herself. Because any attention she gets makes her more money, and helps her feel more like an “entrepreneur” and an “entertainment mogul”, and less like what she really is: an aging sex-worker whose physical assets aren’t holding up so well. Still, you can’t fault her business instincts.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who can claim she had an affair with the president, she shall be praised by the leftist media.

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