Sarah Palin Flying To Iowa For Trump?

Sarah Palin

Former VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has fueled up a private jet and is headed to Iowa, hot on the tails of Donald Trump’s private plane.

While the plane can’t be precisely tied to Palin, journalists on Twitter have jumped on the speculation:

They may not be far off as flight records show the plane, originating from Anchorage, is headed to Oklahoma after the Iowa stop . . . as is Trump’s luxury air liner.

In addition to fair speculation that Palin will give her populist-veiled-in-conservatism stamp of approval on the business mogul, conservative talk show host Steve Deace is tweeting that Jerry Falwell, Jr. will be endorsing Trump tomorrow as well.

Falwell introduced the Donald yesterday at Liberty University to a huuuuge audience of students.

If true, the duel endorsement will be a big blow to Ted Cruz who announced his candidacy at Liberty University to appeal to the evangelical vote.