Russian Bots Caught Stacking The Deck For Liberals

Russian Bot
* Beep Boop Input More Vodka*

Democrats are making hay over Russian interference in the 2016 election… but they could reap the benefits of similar interference in 2018.

Russian bots have been caught promoting one very left-wing hashtag on Twitter: #AbolishICE.

According to Medium, the hashtag “has been connected to Russian bots.”

“It has ranked as the third or fourth most popular Kremlin-linked hashtag for days, according to bot tracking by the Hamilton 68 site run by the bipartisan Alliance for Securing Democracy, which keeps tabs on Russian activity on the American internet,” Medium added.

After President Trump’s controversial comments earlier this week about whether or not Russia influenced the 2016 election, the Russia speculation has gone into overdrive–with top Democrats making increasingly unhinged claims about Trump’s relationship with Putin and Russia.

President Trump has clapped back, claiming that President Obama and intelligence sources knew about Russian influence but did nothing because they thought Hillary Clinton would win.

Democrats’ hysteria on Russia has reached fever pitch… they could be singing a different tune if it turns out Russians are helping prop up their election hopes this time around.

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