Rubio’s Gay Past Revealed?

Rubio’s Gay Past

This could be the death knell for Marco Rubio.

Last week, the gay media dropped a bombshell that the mainstream media is, so far, afraid to cover.

Radar’s headline screamed, “Gay Porn Ties, Foam Parties & Shocking Arrest – Marco Rubio’s Racy Past Revealed!”

At the age of 18, Rubio was busted by Miami police at Alice C. Wainwright Park. The park is a notorious gay pickup site where homosexual men gather for casual and anonymous sex in a dilapidated park bathroom.

Rubio contends he was arrested for drinking a beer at the park, however the police report makes no mention of alcohol. He was arrested for being in a car after park hours with his male buddy, Angel Barrios.

The charges were dismissed and all court files have been destroyed according to the Miami-Dade County clerk.

Marco’s arrest buddy, Angel, was also his roommate for a period of time. In 2007, Angel rented one of the homes of his property management business to a gay porn company that live streamed their “events” 24/7. Barrios claimed to have had no knowledge of the business until the lurid details were revealed on a local news broadcast.

And then we have the “Foam Parties.”

Foam Parties are just what they sound like. A nightclub opens up essentially a giant bowl filled with dancing bodies and soapy foam then encourages the crowd to strip down to underwear or less.

It’s a largely gay thing and as one observer called it, “an excuse to have sex in public.”

Marco Rubio has done a great job of teeing up and excusing his partying past in his book and in public appearances such as on Jimmy Fallon where he joked about his visit to a Foam Party.

He even discussed how his then girlfriend at the time (now his wife) threatened to leave him if he went to a foam party one night.

Downplaying his racy roots to appear as an innocent yet hard-partying young man only works if there are no pictures or people who come forward.

The gay-centric publication, Radar Online, ran with a few pictures allegedly showing young Marco at an all-guy foam party as well as a the shirtless candidate on stage in a bowtie with a parade of other bare-chested young men.

The allegations of Rubio’s secret past are building like a Tsunami online, even the hilarious Trump supporters “Diamond” and “Silk” jumping on CNN to tell the audience, “He may have had a gay lifestyle in his past.”

If the allegations stick, Rubio will have a hard time maintaining support from a conservative base. If they don’t stick yet are true, the nation will risk electing a president with a closet filled with foamy secrets.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.