Robbery Suspect Sues Bystander That Stopped Him

Unlucky Robber
If only they had declared it a “Robber Free Zone,” and this all would have been avoided!

Ryan Flores, 30, the suspect of a robbery at a Starbucks in Fresno California, has filed a lawsuit against a Good Samaritan bystander, that subdued Flores before police could arrive.

In the lawsuit, the robber, Flores, argues that he was subjected to “excessive force” when attempting to rob a Starbucks at gunpoint. Security cameras in the Starbucks show Flores, wearing a Transformers mask, barge into the Starbucks brandishing a gun, a knife and an empty bag. He is then seen running over to the counter, yelling at the employees to give him cash.

At this point, bystander Cregg Jerri, a patron of the Starbucks at the time of the robbery, stands up and throws his chair at Flores. Jerri then charges the robber, and a brief but intense fight ensures, in which Jerri is stabbed in the neck. However, Jerri was able to get ahold of the knife and stabbed Flores in the body 17 times.

Flores is currently being held on bail, and has been charged with both second-degree robbery and assault with the possession of a deadly weapon. However, Flores and his family claim that Jerri displayed “vigilante” behavior during the robbery, and used excessive force in stopping the armed assailant.

“The guy, in my opinion, went from a good Samaritan to a vigilante,” whined Flores’s mother, Pamela Chimienti to CBS this past Monday. “Stabbing somebody that many times… it doesn’t take that many stab wounds to get somebody to succumb to you.” Chimienti went on to explain that her son, “has 17 total stab wounds, lacerations, and defensive wounds.”

Flores’s father, Mark Flores, chimed in with an unbelievable statement, “I understand he (Ryan Flores) robbed the store but (Jerri) stabbed my son 17 times!” He then added, “I don’t like to judge people, but that’s a lot of stab wounds.”

However, legal analyst, Charles Magill, noted that Jerri shouldn’t worry about any litigation coming his way. “Good luck finding an attorney that wants to represent a young robber who’s going to be convicted of robbery. That’s not going to sell very well to the jury,” Magill sarcastically mocked.

After the robbery, during a press conference, Fresno Police Chief, Jerry Dyer, praised Gregg Jerri for his bravery, and gave this warning, “To say that Cregg Jerri is going to be sued for intervening in an armed robbery and being stabbed in the neck — that is ludicrous!”

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