Revealed: Fed’s Embarrassing Goat Program In Afghanistan


What better way to help the war torn country of Afghanistan than to take $6.1 million and invest that it into Italian goats.

That’s right, our government, in their infinite wisdom, spent $6.1 million buying 40 Italian male goats and shipping them to Afghanistan to mate with female Afghan goats in order to create a growing herd for cashmere to help fund the local town.

The brilliant idea didn’t work though. The Afghan ladies were infected with some goat disease that could have killed the whole herd. Only two goats ended up mating and that wasn’t enough to keep the project running.

Lawmakers on the House Armed Services committee had a hearing with the Department of Justice about waste in Afghanistan.

The goats were at the top of the list and almost hardly believable.

Some other facts came out during the hearing like the DOD spending $43 million building a gas station and thousands and thousands of dollars letting DOD employees stay in luxury villas.

The committee was dumbfounded at the waste, but like usual, nothing will really be done about it.

Well, at least the goats are cute… sort of.