Republicans To Make Tax Cuts Center Of Reelection Effort

Kevin Brady
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The Republicans belonging to the tax-writing committee plan on sticking to the new tax deduction law during the reelection races.

The House Ways and Means Committee Republican members say that they will be focusing on the new law during their campaigns, as it has benefitted a number of their constituents.

“This is something that is right at the heart of what I’m talking about in 2018,” claimed a senior member of Ways and Means committee, Representative Peter Roskam (R-Ill.).

The Democrats, however, claim that it benefits the wealthy communities only, as they want to unseat the GOP tax writers.

“The bill was not structured to do anything of note for voters who are not extremely wealthy,” said the Democratic challenger of Roskam, Sean Casten.

The new tax law is the greatest legislative accomplishment of the GOP in President Trump’s era.

“Tax reform is viewed positively in every competitive House district in the country and it’s only going to get more popular as people continue to see the benefits from it,” said Jesse Hunt, the National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman.

The Ways and Means Committee Republicans, who wrote the tax laws, claim that they won’t shy away from their achievements because they are running for the reelections. They frequently give out the advantages of the new laws on various social media platforms.

The campaign site’s homepage mentions that Bishop “had a key role in crafting tax reform which has put more money and higher wages in the hands of families and small businesses.”

When asked if he will be adding the new law in his campaign, he said “Heck yeah, of course, I will.”  “It’s been such a positive thing in my district and across this country,” added Bishop.

“In my district, a lot of people are feeling more and more confident about the economy,” Curbelo said. “I don’t have a wealthy district, so these changes that people have seen in their payroll withholdings make a big difference.”

Walorski, who joined the committee last year, said “I really believe that our message is a message that’s resonating for the American people.”

The Democrat challengers to the Republicans in the Ways and Means Committee claim that the new law benefits the wealthier communities only.

“I think there’s a lot of uneasiness at best about what this means,” said a Democrat running in the Walorski’s district, Mel Hall.

“This tax bill will ultimately hurt the families in District 26 and across America as well,” said the leading opponent of Curbelo, Debbie Mucarsel – Powell in an attempt to dismantle the Republican tax-writers. “The capping of the SALT deduction had a tremendous impact on a disproportionate amount of people in which I’m running,” said another Democrat who is challenging Paulsen, Dean Phillips.

Paulsen and Roskam have claimed their constituents will be benefitting from the new law irrespective of the SALT cap, as the new law incorporates reduced tax rates.

“People feel better about their future,” said Paulsen. “There’s definitely a positive psyche.”

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