Reporters Arrested For Filming Texas Border And Migrant Crisis

Texas Border

When it comes to reporting and news, Alex Jones and his Info Warriors are not the most respected journalists in America. Often focusing on conspiracy theories and fringe news, Alex Jones has somewhat of a bad reputation.

That doesn’t mean that he is wrong.

When Alex sent some reporters to our southern border, he had hoped to get some footage of illegals just walking into America to prove is his point that the borders are wide open.

Instead of getting some good footage, the reporters were arrested and detained.

They were taken into federal custody after having permission by two other agencies working on the border.

See the dramatic explanation from the people involved.

The big question is why where they detained?

What is on the border that the feds don’t want us to see? If Alex Jones is right, then the government is facilitating an open border to receive as many migrants that arrive.

If the feds are right, they were just protecting the border.

The video highlights how little we actually know about our southern border. How many people are actually coming in and why is the information being kept from us?

There are reports that more people have already crossed into America through the southern border so far this year than all of last year.

Illegal immigration is a real problem. The scary thing is we may not know how big of a problem it really is, especially if reporters are being arrested.

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