Refugee Dies Of Mystery Illness In Chicago But Is That The Whole Story?


In a sad story from Chicago, an 8-year-old refugee from Congo died after his plane landed at O’Hare International, but is that the whole story?

The young man, David Dieme was with his father an several other children coming from Dubai to settle in the United States.

The family was passing through Chicago, but after going through U.S. Customs on their way to their next flight, Dieme became sick and unresponsive.

The airport medical staff examined the boy who didn’t have a fever and decided to send him to the hospital. David Dieme died at the hospital.

A spokesman for the Center of Disease Control said that the child did not have a disease that would threaten the health of anyone on the flight.

An autopsy was done on the child on Wednesday, but the results have not been made public yet.

This is a sad story, but is there something happening we are not being told about?

The strange death of David Dieme has no real answers yet and without conclusive facts, the Internet conspiracy theorists think that it could be some new disease that the CDC is hiding from us.

If a refugee brought some strange mystery illness to America, then that would change a lot of people’s perception on refugees.

There is no evidence that the illness has spread and there is also no evidence that the CDC is covering up anything.

If more information becomes available we will let you know, but for now this looks like a sick little boy died, and although mysterious, there is no grand conspiracy hiding a new disease… yet.

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