Red State Democratic Senators Crushed By Kavanaugh Opposition

Claire McCaskill
She's going to pay the price - and she knows it!

Democratic Senators in Republican-leaning states could be crushed by their strident opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, according to recent polls.

After Kavanaugh’s fiery defense of his character in a hearing on Thursday–and a shifting, uncorroborated story by his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford–conservative enthusiasm has been growing… which puts Democratic politicians in a tough position.

Few polls have been conducted since Thursday’s hearing, but those that have spell doom for Democrats in red states.

A new poll by Remington Research Group finds Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri falling behind her opponent, Republican Josh Hawley.

Hawley now leads McCaskill, 48 to 46.

Worse for McCaskill, 49 percent of Missouri voters said that her opposition to Kavanaugh makes them less likely to vote for her. Just 42 percent say it makes them more likely to vote for her.

In West Virginia, where popular Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin faces a tough challenge in one of the most Republican states in the country, an overwhelming majority of voters support Kavanaugh–with 59 percent saying he was more believable than his accuser.

Manchin has not yet disclosed how he plans to vote on Kavanaugh.

In Indiana, Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly–who also has come out in opposition to Kavanaugh–now trails his Republican challenger Mike Braun by 45 to 43 percent. Just a month ago, Donnelly was leading by a healthy 3 points.

Control of the Senate has been seen as critical–largely because the Senate confirms judicial appointments. President Trump has already spent two years dramatically reshaping the courts.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.