Pelosi Talks About Impeachment. Are You Ready?

The House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California spoke to the National Press Club about impeaching Trump on Monday.

She revealed that the Democrats are not moving forward with an attempt to impeach Trump at this time, but they are “listening”. Waiting for their opportunity.

“You don’t impeach somebody because you don’t like their policies. When they break the law, that’s when you have grounds for impeachment. Perhaps misrepresenting the American people could be cause for impeachment. If so, there’s plenty of grounds right now with the current president, but it just isn’t the case. That doesn’t mean nobody is listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way as to whether there are grounds for impeachment.”

Nancy Pelosi’s took some shots at Trump, but at the end, she targeted the supporters of Trump.

“Many of the president’s supporters are not ready to accept the fact that their judgment may not have been so great in voting for him.”

Nancy Pelosi is criticizing the 60 million Trump voters instead of facing reality. If the Democrats had better judgment, they wouldn’t have backed Hillary Clinton. If the Democrats had better judgment under Obama, they wouldn’t have lost the House and the Senate. It is the lack of judgment from the Democrats that got us into this mess.

Trump is a month into his presidency and the top ranking Democrat in the House already admits they are looking at Trump with a microscope waiting for him to mess up. Building a case for impeachment.

The Democrats are doing what the Republicans did during Obama, and look how that turned out? Instead of reorganizing, rebranding and focusing on governing, the Democrats are looking to stop Trump at every turn. The Republicans did the same thing.

When Republicans failed to lead during the last eight years, Trump was the result. A brash, non-establishment figure that doesn’t mind calling it like he sees it. If Trump does something that is illegal and damaging to the United States, then we should start talking about impeachment. Then and only then will some Trump supporters be ready to even discuss impeachment.

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