Is It Racist Now To Have Pride In Your Country?

There seems to be a new desire from the people on the progressive left to call anyone that has country pride or likes Trump a racist.

A London shopkeeper is being called a racist for having a British focused store. A man opened a store that hired local people that sold British-themed souvenirs. That is all he had to do in order to be called a racist.

The owner spoke to the local Hamsptead & Highgate Express local newspaper about one of the “racist” encounters.

“The shop is in no way meant to be political or pro-Brexit but we have had a lot of complaints saying it is or we are racist. A guy came in the other day and said, ‘What’s this, a charity shop?’ We said, ‘No, not at all’ and he said, ‘Well it’s racist’ and stormed out.”

Unfortunately, being called a racist for supporting your country is not just in England.

An American university took down the American flag to not offend any students. –

It doesn’t stop there. Apparently you can also be racist if you voted for Trump.

The left lost in the UK with Brexit in a shocking fashion. The left lost in America to Trump in a shocking fashion. Maybe it is time the left stops calling everyone racist and they might be able to win occasionally.

Is anyone that has country pride a racist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.