Pro-Life Investigator Gets Court Date With Planned Parenthood Judge

Corrupt Judge
"Boy do I love bPlanned Parenthood's blood money" - Judge Orrick, probably

David Daleiden, of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), is the man responsible for the hidden camera investigations of Planned Parenthood. It is on the basis of his explosive investigations that Congress is currently investigating the abortion provider for baby organ trafficking.

Planned Parenthood sued Daleiden for exposing them. Unfortunately, the court case fell onto the desk of Judge William Orrick. CMP has filed a motion to request that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals force the recusal of Orrick, over his strong partisan ties to the abortion group.

The petition asserts that Orrick has “an ongoing and longstanding professional relationship with one of the named Plaintiffs” as a founder of GSFRC (Good Samaritan Family Resource Center), which is an organization based in San Francisco that has a Planned Parenthood service, which facilitates the families residing in the locality. It claims that this facility became a part of the organization while Orrick was a secretary there.

Furthermore, investigation found countless Facebook posts by the Judge’s wife, advocating for Planned Parenthood, unlimited abortion, and attacking CMP. Daleiden is arguing that this is a form of endorsement, which biases Judge Orrick.

The social media posts accuse CMP of being “a sham organization run by extremists,” that encourages domestic violence. It also accuses CMP of editing the videos that were made undercover to expose the sale and trafficking of baby’s organs.

CMP faced a gag order in May for continuing to distribute these videos, to which, Daledian attacked in August with “Judge Orrick even wants to press his gag order in the California Attorney General’s bogus criminal case against me,”

Lawyer Peter Breen, representing CMP, claims that Orrick’s bias was only recently discovered. The complaint mentions that Orrick alleged to have left the panel of GSFRC in 1999 yet he was affiliated with the organization during the time where a gag order was issued by him against Daleiden and CMP.

“Judge Orrick’s gag order, issued at the behest of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation, is an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment by a clearly biased federal judge,” said Daledian.

The case, which led to significant attention to the activities carried out by Planned Parenthood and ignited a debate whether the abortion advocacy organization should be a contender of federal funding, might get affected by this revelation.

“He is the last best weapon that Planned Parenthood has on their side as they’re now facing federal investigation from the Department of Justice,” Daleiden announces on Wednesday during a press conference.

The motion, filed in June requesting Orrick’s recusal in the state-level court where he chairs, was denied, which lead to them proposing the motion to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday. Daleidan and CMP, prompted The Department of Justice to take action against Planned Parenthood by investigating their fetal tissue sale and the investigation was made public knowledge last week.

“Human Fetal Tissue Research: Context and Controversy,” a report by the judiciary committee in 2016 that “documents the failure of the Department of Justice, across multiple administrations, to enforce the law that bans the buying and selling of human fetal tissue,” and “also documents substantial evidence suggesting that the specific entities involved in the recent controversy, and/or individuals employed by those entities, may have violated that law” prompted the investigation.

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