Previously Deported Illegal Alien Beats, Violently Rapes Mother

illegal alien

A previously-deported illegal alien has been arrested in New York… after brutally beating and raping a mom of two.

Ever Martinez-Reye, 24, a native of El Salvador, allegedly followed a 36-year-old mom of two to her home in New York’s Nassau County on Long Island. He then proceeded to knock her unconscious and repeatedly rape her for an hour.

When the woman woke up, Martinez-Reyes knocked her out again, and continue to rape her.

The result was a scene that one investigator called “one of the most brutal” sexual assaults Nassau County had ever investigated.

Most troublingly, this could have been prevented: Martinez-Reyes has a long rap sheet, but Nassau County has “sanctuary city” laws on the books.

Those laws prevented Martinez-Reyes from being turned over to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement after his previous convictions. Martinez-Reyes had been deported once before in 2014, but not from Nassau County.

Martinez-Reyes two charges of first-degree rape, two charges of first-degree sexual abuse, and a charge of second-degree assault, which could land him in prison for 25 years.

The kicker? When Martinez-Reyes eventually does get released from jail, sanctuary city laws mean Nassau County still won’t turn him over to ICE for deportation.

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