President Trump: Week One In Review

Reviewing Trumps impact week to week.

We’re switching around our weekly “Trump’s Twitter Tirade” column to focus on a the impact of President Trump’s administration.

With any other modern-day president, a weekly summary would be short, bland, and include golf scores.

However, Donald J. Trump, is a man of a different caliber altogether . . . even when compared with high-performing men who have served in the nation’s highest office.

So we’re relaunching this column to recap the week’s activity emanating from the White House along with the impact it has had on the nation, and the world.

Saturday: The first day!

Following his swearing in ceremony, signing an executive order lifting the burden of Obamacare, and a late night of inaugural balls, President Trump, who had projected he was taking the weekend off and his first day would be Monday, was back at it.

His first official trip had him in Langley, Virginia for a visit with the CIA.

While Trump spoke highly of the operatives, analysts and workers at the Central Intelligence Agency. The visit was clearly a message for them to get their act together after a false report was created and shared with President Obama, President Elect Trump, and leaked to the media days before his swearing in.

Sunday: Day off?


President Trump and his family attended church at the National Cathedral and then instructed the White House Spokesman, Sean Spicer to go on the attack.

According to inside sources, Trump was upset with the “low crowd turnout” narrative that the corporate media was advancing.

Spicer, who was following orders despite being ill-prepared for his first face-to-face with the media from the White House lectern, ended up making what was interpreted as a major gaffe, saying the inauguration was the most watch in history – which he qualified with the inclusion of home and international viewers.

While Spicer was slugging it out with the media, President Trump was on the line with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Monday: Annnd, we’re off!

While President Ronald Reagan beat him to it and signed a hiring freeze before leaving the Capitol after his swearing in, Trump signed a memorandum instituting a freeze on Monday morning.

The hiring freeze came simultaneously with two other memos. One of those withdrew the nation from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the other stopped the funding of abortions overseas.

Tuesday: Picking up steam.

Trump met with executives from the auto industry in the White House, furthering his mission to keep jobs in America. Before Trump was officially sworn in as President, Ford Motors announced it was keeping a plant in the United States that was previously slotted for a move to Mexico.

Here’s Trump’s tweet from the meeting:

Tuesday also saw the return of the Keystone XL Pipeline (being built by TransCanada) and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Both projects were essentially shut down the by Obama Administration.

In addition to inviting TransCanada to reapply for the pipeline, President Trump also vowed that the massive pipeline would be built with U.S. steel.

Later that evening, Trump clearly had a bit of downtime as he turned his focus to the media and fake news outlet, CNN.

Wednesday: Donald Trump and the Wall

Despite his downplaying of “the wall” in the later months of his campaign, it looks like President Trump is keeping his promise. On Wednesday Trump announced that the construction of the wall along the Mexican border was ordered to begin, yet didn’t disclose how the project would be funded.

In addition to the border wall, Trump visited the Department of Homeland Security and ordered the agency, which includes the Border Patrol, to resume enforcing the laws that are currently on the books.

Trump also announced a “major investigation” into voter fraud after being ridiculed for his comment on winning the popular vote (if you excluded illegal votes).

That afternoon, Trump also held his first interview at the White House with ABC News chosen as the outlet to be given the privilege.

The biggest news from the day did not come out of the White House, but off of Wall Street with the DOW hitting the 20,000 mark for the first time ever.

Thursday: International Spat Begins

After starting off the morning taking a shot at locked-up traitor and transsexual Bradley Manning, President Trump wasted no time dumping all over Mexico’s president for his unwillingness to pay for the wall.

Trump said on Twitter, “If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting.”

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled the meeting.

In the middle with his first international incident as president, Trump traveled to Philadelphia to speak at the GOP retreat, then closed his day with a interview in the Oval Office with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Friday: Closing out the Week with a Bang

Trump doubled-down on his voter fraud investigation, thumbing away on Twitter:

And then it was right back to forcing movement from Mexico:

While Trump’s week was arguably the strongest for a president in modern history, it’s likely the Trump administration is just picking up steam.

Trump is known to be an absolute workhorse and the only thing that can slow him is the limitations of his staff and the crippling pace of Congress.

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