The Pope’s Political Problem

The Pope

Pope Francis has not been a stranger to flexing his massive Catholic muscles over the American political process.

In September of 2015, Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress and, by all accounts, appeared as a “liberal activist” rather than the religious leader of the world’s largest church.

In this latest attack on presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, and anyone who supports border security, Pope Francis lodged a particularly hurtful accusation that anyone who supports building walls is not a Christian.

Thankfully, even Catholics can agree that the Pope is not infallible.

However, Francis’ political meddling does far greater damage to the Catholic Church than it does to any particular candidate or party.

As Jerry Fallwell Jr. pointed out, JFK is “rolling in his Grave” over the Pope’s statements.

Kennedy fought hard to overcome the suspicions protestants held for Catholic political leaders and opened the door to normalcy in selecting candidates who are members of the Catholic Church.

Presenting Catholic ideology as a mix of liberalism, statism, and gospel is a major turn off for Americans who stand by the independence of the nation.

Assuming the Pope was correctly quoted, closing the door on a massive swath of believers as “not Christian” based on a policy stance is not only ignorant, but undue political pressure at its greatest.

But some political leaders choose to sit back and not take on the Pope on this matter.

Ted Cruz, who believes he is running on the evangelical ticket (although they largely support Trump), has amazingly remained silent on the issue while Trump has stood his ground.

Along with Trump, Pope Francis is saying that Ted Cruz is also not a Christian . . . a swing that not even The Donald is willing to throw.

While it is unwise for anyone to go blow-for-blow with the Papal Throne, standing up to bullying, no matter how strong your opponent it, is a sign of unwavering strength.

While Pope Francis may not like the new direction of the nation in standing up for itself, he is best served to keep matters of government policy behind the massive walls of Vatican City.

He likes hunting, dogs, and supports the troops at home and abroad.