Poll Results: Republicans Don’t Trust Party on Trump

donald trump

In a sample size of over one thousand readers, the results are in and a resounding 94% of individuals polled don’t trust Republican Party leadership to treat presidential candidate Donald Trump fairly during the Republican nominating convention.

Of the 1,033 readers polled, 80% agreed felt “the party establishment will do anything to stop Trump.”

Another 14% agreed that, “the GOP will not act fairly” with their nominating procedures.

Trump has maintained a large lead in GOP polls for nearly his entire campaign, and it’s likely that the billionaire will maintain that lead through the primary to enter the convention with at least 30% of the vote.

Unless Trump walks into convention with at least 51% of the vote, the primary will not matter as the Republican convention rules require what’s referred to as a “brokered convention” in the event that a candidate does not receive a majority of votes on the first round of voting.

To make matters worse for Trump, party elites control 7% of the first vote during a convention. Those party insiders, known as super delegates, are not bound to vote with the people of their state during the first round.

It’s unlikely Donald Trump can secure even a few of the super delegates.

That means the mogul turned politician will have to walk into the convention with 58% support.

With so many candidates staying in the race and unlikely to drop at the chance of competing and getting stage time during the GOP convention, Trump hitting the majority mark will be a tough road in a six-way+ race.

Of the readers polled, less than one percent, a whopping three votes, trusted the GOP leaders to do the right thing and vote as their constituents intend.