Politically Correct Dukes of Hazard

With the removal of the Dukes of Hazard show from television simply because its famous General Lee had a Confederate flag painted on the roof, it is apparent that we are living in a country we barely recognize.

No longer do we live in a society where a show about stopping crime and family loyalty is valued. It is a shame. Duke’s of Hazard are so dangerous. Ban it!

What once was a symbol of my childhood and the source of endless inspiration for Hot Wheel stunts has become a banned TV show. Is it really that offensive?

The General Lee is a piece of America’s pop cultural history. Clearly its “rebel flag” is just another pawn in the liberals’ attempt to outlaw Americans from watching any entertainment they didn’t produce.

This is just the start of liberals’ plan for their “Politically Correct” culture to dominate the airwaves. They’ve been steadfast in trying to push wholesome Christian families off the air, saying they are offensive to athiests. What offends them must come down. What offends the rest of us, they insist, is here to stay.

Despite all the craziness and hate in America, it is very important to sit down and just laugh about it sometimes.

Watching this Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy Politically Correct version of the Dukes of Hazard put a smile on my face.

The video is from 2009 but is even funnier today! Let us know what you think.