Police Now Doling Out Dollars for Good Deeds

Jackson Wyoming isn’t known for its high level of crime and maybe because the police will pay you for good deeds.

Santa knows when you’ve been good or not, and so do the Teton County Sheriffs department.

This month the police are handing out $50 and $100 to helpful citizens or people doing good deeds.

“I have received cash from some anonymous donors to give out to people prior to the holidays,” Teton County Sheriff Jim Whalen told the Jackson Hole Daily.

The money was donated from residents in the Jackson Hole area. The Sheriff’s office wouldn’t confirm how much money, but if they are giving out $50 and $100 at a time, there was a sizable donation.

The officers are handing out the money to citizens that commit good deeds. They are looking for people that help their neighbors out of a snowy ditch or helping police with helpful crime stopping tips.

The Sheriff explained the real purpose of the program.

“It might even just be someone who is down on their luck. This is all about spreading goodwill in almost any way we can.”

The good deed donations started last holiday season, but the program is expanding this year.

Local residents who want to remain anonymous donated all the money for the program. The city or state isn’t paying the money, and that is what makes this a great story.

A community coming together around Christmas to help reward people who do good deeds is what the holidays are all about.

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