Police Looking For “Proud Boys” After Clash With ANTIFA

Police Search
We got a tip from our ANTIFA allies, that a patriotic American was sneaking around here... Hands up!

The New York Police Department is looking for nine members of the Proud Boys organization, after an altercation with ANTIFA in the streets of New York after group leader, Gavin McInnes spoke at the Republican Cub on Friday.

The police are seeking to press charges on nine Proud Boys and three ANTIFA members for violence and fighting.

The Proud Boys is a group of men that are self described “Western Chauvinists” that don’t back down from the bullying left.

Let founder Gavin McInnes explain the Proud Boys and it’s beginning.

The ANTIFA members instigated the fight that occurred in New York when the Republican Club was vandalized by radical leftists. Protestors lined the street and police had to escort the Proud Boys from their meeting.

Violence broke out when ATIFA members chased down members of the Proud Boys and continued their harassment. See a video of one fight below.

Unlike how Portland is dealing with a similar problem, New York officials have decided to make arrests.

“The video images that everybody saw from Friday night are certainly disturbing and outrageous. There is certainly no place for that kind of violence or disorder anywhere in New York City. We will make arrests…” – Police Commissioner James O’Neill

With the left becoming more radicalized and violent and encouraged every time Hillary Clinton says liberals can’t be “civil” with Republicans, a problem is growing in America. Groups like ANTIFA are becoming more violent, and groups like the Proud Boys are not taking it. If things continue this way, it could get out of hand real quick.

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