Paul Ryan Slams Dems For Playing Games With Military Readiness

Paul Ryan
Even a broken clock is right twice a day..

On Thursday, Paul Ryan accused Senate Democrats of treating the military as nothing more than a “bargaining chip” in their desperate effort to get DACA Amnesty passed.

Ryan has been trying to negotiate a deal to dodge a government shutdown, by raising spending caps on the defense budget, but has been hampered by the Democrat’s partisan games, and fanatical desire to destroy the nation by installing a de facto open borders regime. With his frustration showing, Ryan explained at an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that, “What’s so frustrating is our military is being used as a bargaining chip for completely unrelated items.”

He continued, “Right now, the defense budget is being held hostage for DACA, which is not a deadline that expires tomorrow.”

Government funding would be expiring on Friday and would set the Congress up for another short-term spending measure, which could allow the government to remain open until middle of February.

The House is to vote on a continuing resolution, to avoid a shutdown.

The senior military officials are constantly asking Congress to pass a budget that would fully fund the military and warned that a series of temporary steps that have been implemented for the past 8 years have weakened national security by making long-term defense planning impossible.

Reiterating the administration’s line, Ryan has called defense spending the “highest priority today,” explaining that “We cannot all ad1.jpgow this vital, primary work to be layered into or minimized as Washington melodrama and that’s our big issue right now.”

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