Papa John’s Driver Shoots Robber in Face, Gets Reassigned, Customers Give Back

Papa John's Drive Shoots Robber

A 27 year-old pizza delivery girl for Papa John’s shot an attempted robber while on her route earlier this week in Decatur, Georgia.

The pizza girl was forced to the ground at gunpoint by 24 year-old Donquaz Devon Stevenson, an African American.

The unnamed woman, pulled a firearm from her pocket and, from the ground, shot Donquaz in the face.

The armed robber fled on foot while a second suspect stole the Honda Accord of the Papa John’s employee.

While employees of Papa John’s Pizza are not permitted to carry firearms on the job, the company chose not to terminate the employee and rather reassigned her to an “in-store” position.

The company is also “offering her counseling the help her recuperate from the incident.”

Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, was vilified by critics after commenting that Obamacare would add 14 cents the cost of each pizza.

The critics highlighted his personal wealth and his 24,000 square foot home.

Schnatter replied to the criticism of his home by saying, “When you have built a $3 billion company out of a broom closet, I think you are entitled to a nice house.”

The home hosted a fundraiser in May of 2013 with Mitt Romney in attendance.

Papa John’s was founded with seed money from Schnatter after he sold his 1971 Camaro to help his father’s business. The remaining funds were used to start Papa John’s.

The female driver in the incident faces no criminal action as a local police captain stated, “She had no other choice. She must have been in fear for her life and she reacted.”

In 2014, two drivers for Papa John’s were shot and killed while on delivery in separate incidents. Another driver for the company was killed in 2013.

Another employee was killed in store in October of 2014. John Schnatter attended the funeral and paid the 22 year-old victim’s medical and funeral expenses.

Papa John’s claims safety of their employees is a top priority but plans no changes to their firearms policy despite multiple murders.

Papa John’s, who is known for offering free pizzas for events, is facing a different kind of give-back by customers who are now giving back bullets to drivers in support of their safety.

In the event that Papa John’s does change its policy, the company could also change its slogan, “Papa John’s: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Marksmen.”

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