Over 100 Newspapers Plan On Attacking Trump On Same Day

News Attack
Shadowy interests behind our biggest media companies really have it out for Trump... and the American people!

The Boston Globe to offense to trump saying that the media is the “enemy of the people” and plan to write editorials to denounce the president.

They are not going about it alone. The Globe has reached out to over 100 other publications and they all are on board. Each will post a scathing editorial attacking Trump for his comments on the media.

All participating newspapers will publish their own editorial bashing Trump in whatever way they see fit. Look for the editorials to all publish on August 16th.

Newspaper readership has seen a dramatic drop in recent years thanks to the rise of the Internet. More people are going to hear about this story through Internet outlets like this or on liberal media picking up the story than the amount of people that will actually read the editorials.

Trump has been very vocal on his feelings for the media, and if they respond with such a large coordinated attack, it proves his point. The media has attacked this president with more negative stories and programing than any in modern history.

The Washington Times says that Trump is receiving about 90% negative news coverage and it is unprecedented.

The Media Research Center says that out of 712 comments made on air about Trump, only 65 were positive. All the other 647 were negative.
It makes sense that Trump would attack the media with slanted numbers like those outlined by the Media Research Center. It also makes sense that the corporate media would plan an attack on the president with over 100 editorials telling him why he is wrong.

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