Orlando Killer’s Father Publishes Video

Orlando Killer's Father

Omar Mateen walked into an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning and opened fire killing 49 people. The 29 year-old devout Muslim and open ISIS supporter committed the worst terrorist strike since 9/11 and his father is “angry”.

In a video released on Facebook earlier this morning by the killer’s father, it is easier to understand where Omar got his feelings.

The father first talks about his son being married and having a child. He says his son was a good kid.

Instead of apologizing to the victims he said that he was “angry” at this son. He said that it wasn’t his job to “punish” gay people, but that is Allah’s job.

Hold on… “punish gay people”. Why would anybody need to punish gay people?

Only somebody with hate in their heart would think that gay people should be punished for being gay.

If your child committed a crime like this, you would be devastated and sending your condolences to the victims and you would be completely unhinged. Any normal person would feel that way.

Not the father of Omar Mateen though. His stoic response to his son killing 49 innocent people is haunting. He says he is angry and doesn’t know why his son would do it.

The father said the company that Omar worked for gave him a gun, but what does that has to do with anything?

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