When John F. Kennedy was president, his military officials were asked to draw up some plans on how to stop Castro and Cuba. They came up with the brilliant idea to attack the American people and blame it on the Cubans. The plan called for bombing public places and hijacking airplanes.

That’s right, Kennedy asked for a solution to stop an evil dictator and they came back with “kill our own people” because it would help Americans rally against Cuba. Kennedy put his foot down and gave a resounding no and even threatened to pursue legal action if anyone did such a thing.

The actions were never committed and blamed on Cuba and it looked like Kennedy had a good victory fighting against his own Military Industrial Complex. Just a short time later, Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

Some theorize that Kennedy’s hard stance against Operation Northwoods is what got Kennedy killed. Some say that Northwoods was just put on a shelf until Kennedy was out of the way. Other’s say the plan was modified and used the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a new version.


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