O’Keefe Releases Another Shocking Video From Inside CNN

Journalist James O’Keefe and his group, Project Veritas, eviscerated CNN with a hidden camera video yesterday—exposing how CNN is intentionally spreading fake news in order to goose their ratings.

Today, O’Keefe delivered a second video, which is somehow even more eyebrow-raising than the first.

Project Veritas’s latest video, embedded above, catches CNN pundit Van Jones on camera, also admitting that the Russia investigation is completely fabricated, despite the news network’s almost constant coverage.

The two videos cap a horrendous week for CNN. On Monday, CNN fired three journalists over a completely fabricated story that smeared former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci. CNN was forced to retract the story and apologize to Scaramucci, who is now suing CNN for $100 million.

O’Keefe’s videos, however, prove that CNN’s “fake news” scandal isn’t limited to one story: it infects the entire news organization, starting at the top with Zucker.

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