An Object That NASA Doesn’t Want You To See Has UFO Nuts Going Crazy


Every once in a while there is a piece of evidence that pops up that makes even the most hardcore skeptic reconsider their understanding of “aliens”.

On July 9th the International Space Station cut its live feed that was streaming on their website. It came back on shortly, and almost nobody noticed.

Almost nobody.

Some very dedicated and passionate UFO enthusiasts discovered a possible reason why NASA cut the feed.

Just prior to the “malfunction” the video depicted a very large object descending to earth in a slow and deliberate manner. It has to be aliens right?

Even the most diehard UFO believers accept the fact that it could be a meteor or something else, but it is shocking.

Watch the video here. What do you think it is?

There is some talk that it could be a Chinese cargo ship. It could be something totally normal, but why did the footage cut off?

99% of the time the footage from the International Space Station is pretty uneventful and the stream keeps going. At the moment when something very unique enters the screen, it shuts off. If nothing else it is highly coincidental, but does seem suspicious.

It is not the first time something like this has happened. In fact, the feed is cut often when something goes flying near the camera. The last time it happened was this past April. There was so much uproar that a NASA spokesperson had to come out and deny any allegations that accused them of cutting the live fed.

NASA says it never cuts the live feed on purpose; rather it is technical difficulties that stop the feed. Are they telling the truth or is it the aliens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.