Obama Voting For Trump

Obama Voting

Donald Trump is not your average candidate for president, and now he is getting an out of the ordinary endorsement.

Barack Obama’s brother, Milik Obama told the New York Post that he plans on voting for Trump!

In an interview from his home village of Kogelo, Malik Obama said why he is supporting Donald Trump and turned away from his brother’s administration and is now backing “the party of Lincoln”.

Like most on the right, Malik Obama is disappointed in the other Obama’s administration.

Malik said he felt “deep disappointment” in his brother and the final straw was the recent exoneration of Hillary and her email scandal.

Malik said, “She should have known better as the custodian of classified information.” He is right about that.

Now Malik Obama thinks, “Make America Great Again is a great slogan”, and he wants to meet Trump.

The news of Obama’s brother supporting Trump is surprising, but most Americans didn’t even know that Barack had a brother.

Donald took to Twitter to let us know about the endorsement.

The truth is, the endorsement of Malik Obama doesn’t really mean anything and won’t sway a single voter, but it is interesting that Obama’s own brother is disappointed in Barack’s administration.

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