Arizona Sheriff Exposes Obama’s Illegal Problem


President Obama and his administration are under fire, but not from the usual political opponents. This time, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu and Border Patrol Labor Council President Brandon Judd are criticizing Obama over his complete polarization and lack of resolve on our southern border.

The frustration on the border is boiling over because of the administration is telling law enforcement to stay away from known areas that are popular for drug smuggling and human trafficking.

The agents are upset because there are not enough of them and they don’t feel like they have the support of the administration. Even more shocking, the administration is not being honest with the American people.

When speaking about Obama and how his Admiration is handling the border crisis, Labor Council President Brandon Judd said this.

“He (Obama) has manipulated the data, had agents assigned to low traffic areas and attempted to quiet dissent by calling those who question his approach as misinformed without offering an evidence to support these allegations.”

With the Administration saying one thing and the local law enforcement saying another thing, it is hard to tell what is really happening. What is not hard to see is that the southern border is becoming a very serious problem.

Sheriff Babeu said that they have seen a 25% increase in illegal crossings so far this year. They have also seen a 102% increase in unaccompanied juveniles.

Reuters reported earlier this month that because of the GOP frontrunner’s comments about building a wall has increased illegal border crossings. All of Trump’s wall talk and his standing is the polls make many desperate South Americans feel as if this is their last chance, and the rush to the border is evident in the numbers given by Babeu.

The scene is tense in Arizona and our southern border states. The law enforcement is seeing a real problem and the administration’s role has been to sweep it under the rug and kick the can to the next president. Maybe wait for Trump to build his wall, but until then, it’s looks like our border agents have their hands tied and Obama is welcoming in thousands of illegals each week.

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