Obama Turning Over Internet To Global Control


Right now the US government controls the Internet and has the ability to shut it down, but Obama doesn’t want the responsibility.

The Department of Commerce is going to turn over American control over the Internet to an international group. The transfer is to be finalized by October 1st.

Control of the Internet is moving to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is a multistakeholder group that includes countries like Russia and China.

China already regulates the Internet for it’s citizens and controls the news and information they get. Now the leaders in China that censor information to their people will also be one of the groups in charge of our Internet.

By giving up control of the Internet, it does allow the possibility that a foreign group could shut down of web or all of it.

Why would Obama do something like this?

Obama has been pushing to give up the control of the Internet, but there is no concrete reason. IT could have something to do with his legacy or even plans he has after the White House, but many people think this is a bad idea and could be illegal.

Republicans are trying to fight the move by saying the President does not have the authority to use tax dollars to give federal property to foreign countries.

Many group are concerned about the move to. 25 conservative groups like Heritage Action and Americans for Tax Reform sent a letter to Congress urging them to stop the transfer.

Many are upset that this was done unilaterally again and without Congress’ approval. You would think if we are giving up the power to control one of the greatest inventions of all time, then we should at least get Congress to approve.

That is not the case, Obama doesn’t need Congress and apparently we don’t need control of the Internet.

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