Obama’s Illegal Plan To Rig The Election For Hillary


Obama looks like he has completely given up a couple of months from the end of his term by now saying that Illegals can vote.

Yes you read that right, Obama basically told illegal immigrants that it is ok to vote like a citizen and nobody will come and get you.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video where Obama actually says it.

(Sorry for the crude video, it’s the only one we could find.)

This kind of talk is worrisome coming from the person who is sworn to defend our Constitution.

Non-citizens cannot vote in the general election anywhere. That is the law.

Hearing the president talk about letting illegal, Hispanic non-citizens vote, then that Hispanics are breaking all records for early voting should make you worried for the voting process in this country.

We have enough problems with this election and we don’t need Obama telling people who are not legally allowed to vote to cast a ballot.

Apparently that whole, “They go low, we go high” thing is just for speeches.

Do you think there is anything that Obama won’t do to help Hillary win? Let us know in the comments below.