Obama Allows Americans To Fund ISIS


Barack Obama just made an absolutely stunning policy reversal: he’s now allowing Americans to give money directly to ISIS, no questions asked.

In fact, if an American citizen gives money to ISIS–well, there won’t be any penalties at all. Obama is no longer prosecuting that sort of thing, so long as your family member is being held hostage.

America has long had a standing rule: we don’t negotiate with terrorists. American citizens are not allowed to pay any sort of ransom–which is one of the reasons that, while many foreign nationals are captured and held by ISIS as one of their many money-making ploys, Americans aren’t held as often.

That’s all about to change. Thanks to Barack Obama.

“The families have told us and told me directly about their frequent frustrations in dealing with their own government,” Obama said, during a Wednesday press conference. “That’s totally unacceptable.”

He elaborated later in the day, in a statement put out by the White House:

“The U.S. government may itself communicate with hostage-takers… [and] may also assist private efforts to communicate with hostage-takers to secure the safe recovery of a hostage, whether directly or through public or private intermediaries… In short, we will not abandon families in their greatest time of need.”

Whether Obama feels it’s “totally unacceptable” or not to expect American citizens to rely on their own government to protect their loved ones–rather than having to shell out their hard-earned money, and funding a disgusting terrorist group in the process–this has much larger repercussions.

Namely, Obama directly endangers Americans currently overseas. When ISIS finds out that Americans can now send as much money as they want, to get their kidnapped loved one back–and do so with the U.S. Government’s blessing–we can expect the number of kidnappings to skyrocket.

And why not? ISIS needs money. It’s an easy get-rich-quick scheme, as far as they’re concerned.

And, thanks to Obama, ISIS is about to get a whole lot richer–on our dime.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.