Obama Proves Reality TV Star Can Be President… Twice In One Day!

Reality TV

Many criticize Trump on this experience and his time as a reality TV star, but Obama proves that you can be a president and a star on TV.

The president visited Vietnam this week and did two things that proved that Donald Trump could be a better president than Obama.

Obama proved you can be a reality start and president when he went on CNN’s reality travel show “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown”. He sat down with the host and ate some local food and chatted about life and politics and it will make for some “quality” entertainment.

Remember this is on the heels of Obama’s quote about Donald Trump wanting to become the president. He said that the presidency “is not entertainment. This is not a reality show.”

You’re right Mr. President, you do have to make tough decisions occasionally too.

That brings us to the next thing that Obama did that could prove Trump could be a better president.

Obama lifted the ban of weapon sales to Vietnam from the United States. Lifting the ban is not necessarily a bad thing, but the fact that Vietnam has some of the worst work conditions and deplorable human rights conditions that it is embarrassing we want to work with such a country.

Companies like Apple and Paypal pulled out of North Carolina because of a transgender bathroom law, but the United States Government wants to open business with a country that actually has slaves? Sad.

With all the bragging, it is thought that Trump would make better deals for Americans and for the people of the world. At least one would hope so. After all, it’s not entertainment.

Do you think Trump could be a better President than Obama? Let us know in the comments below.

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