Obama Pardons ISIS, Denies Imminent Threats


The U.S. government has decided that ISIS training camps are not to be destroyed. While they pump out new troops everyday that go on to be greater and greater threats, the current administration feels that it’s better to sit idly by.

According to our own intelligence there are about 60 of these camps that supply thousands of new fighters each month. Not just rumored camps, but camps about which the locations are known.

To sum up, a radical terrorist organization had dozens of training camps turning out thousands of fighters that it is sending all over the globe, we know where they are, and nothing is being done about it. Not a thing.

Why? Because the Pentagon believes it would cause too much, “collateral damage”. Are the countless murders committed at hands of ISIS members not enough collateral damage?

These camps are now spread out over Syria and Iraq but there is evidence to suggest that due to their success ISIS is looking to expand operations to ungoverned areas of Libya and Yemen.

The United Nations has already conducted an investigation that all but proved ISIS guilty of massacres, genocide, and other war crimes.

They buried alive over 500 men and boys in areas of Syria and Iraq for being Yazidi and refusing to convert to Islam. They kidnapped the women and girls and have trafficked them into sex slavery. Girls as young as elementary age are forced to work and live in brothels.

ISIS has even released videos of mass executions wherein aide workers and reporters are beheaded. Another video shows 21 Egyptian Christians being executed. Just one week later ISIS abducted over 90 Christians in Tal Tamr.

Human Rights Watch released a report detailing the crimes against humanity committed at the hands of ISIS. Just another example of which is the kidnapping of over 150 young boys. Boys that were doubtless taken to one or more of the 60 training camp that our government knows about where they have probably been brainwashed into the doctrine of ISIS and have become victims and perpetrators.

ISIS will stop at nothing to tear down western civilization as we know it. They are fueled by a corrupt sense of duty. These are men who believe they are doing the will of God. The most dangerous tyrant is the one who believes he is doing the right thing.

So why won’t our government do the right thing? Destroy the camps. If it’s collateral damage you are worried about then maybe you are mistaken about the damage that has already been done.

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