Obama On Brussels: “Will Do Whatever Is Necessary”

Obama on Brussels

Don’t let the headline fool you, in taking a 51 second break from his Cuba visit, President Obama told the world, “We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible.”

The president then pushed for unity, “This is another reminded that the world must unite, we must be together, regardless of nationality, or race, or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”

The President delivered his remarks after ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, boasted about the success of the attack hours after the bombing and provided details of the suicide vests and attacks by their “fighters.”

Obama, against refusing to utter the words, “Islamic Terrorism” looks to do nothing aside from continuing to allow a flood of Muslim immigrants to establish roots within the United States.

When President Obama says, “We’ll do whatever is necessary,” that includes assimilation of a Christian nation to the understanding and belief of occupiers of a different faith and ethos.

Watch the President’s full speech here:

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