Obama Has A Hard Time Saying He Supports Hillary


Obama decided to go on the offensive a little and try to Help Hillary Clinton Campaign but he had a hard time getting the words out.

During a speech to try and help salvage the Clinton efforts for president, Obama decided to not use the teleprompters and it was a disaster.

Watch the video as Obama tries to say something bad about Trump.

The video is making its way around the web and some people have added some funny clips to the end. The one below video added a clip from Adam Sandler’s movie “Billy Madison”.

Obama has been praised for how well he speaks, but most people don’t know that he rarely ever speaks without a teleprompter or script.

The below video is from a time Obama just stopped the show until he got his script.

One of the reasons Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee is he says what he feels and he isn’t using a teleprompter for most of his speeches and rallies.

It has gotten him in trouble a couple of times, but even that got him a lot of press.

Donald Trump likes the idea of getting rid of all teleprompters for anyone running for president.

What do you think? Should we ban teleprompters for presidential candidates?